people admit craziest things they did for attention - person admits to faking problem with leg and parents spending money for diagnosis so they could be in wheelchair | lonce Faked something wrong with my Foot get attention. Myparents invested so much money medical research. All Iwanted be wheelchair once stil whisper

Craziest Things People Confess To Doing For Attention

The crazy lengths people will go to!
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everyone relate things admit relatable memes tweets twitter reddit | Gabby Lizzul @gabbylizzul Do u ever drive like solid 5 min while thinking about something incredibly random and stupid and then ur like any those lights passed green did get here WTF

Everyone Can Relate To Doing These Things

But not everyone can admit to doing them!
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askreddit truths admit family reveal harsh | octo_bean 662 points 14 hours ago high school they thought at wholesome sleepover actually completely wasted on cheap vodka running around on local golf course and peeing without abandon

Harsh Truths People Would Never Admit To Their Family

Some things are better left unsaid
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twitter panic purchase coronavirus COVID-19 shopping store shop admit obscure | Brandy Jensen @BrandyLJensen everyone's weirdest panic purchase my brain glitched and bought three types jam

People Admit Their Obscure COVID-19 Panic Purchases

Corona brings out the strange in all of us
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