Relatable Memes For Anyone Addicted To Online Shopping

With stores being closed this year, online shopping is at its highest. Now, I'm not saying I single-handedly kept Asos afloat over the past 12 months, but I wouldn't be surprised if I get a special thank you from them in the post any day now. Online shopping addiction is a real problem and one that I know I'm not alone with. Whether it's sale season or I'm bored, or I've been ghosted by a man (ew) and in desperate need of a distraction, I know online shopping will always be there for me. That's why I relate to these memes HARD. Anyone else? Anyone...?

relatable memes about anyone who is addicted to online shopping | thumbnail text - When your tracking status hasn't updated yet Is done with everyone's bullshit]Me when Iorder 5 new outfits Me when I see my bank balance
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