Dark And Raunchy ABC Book For Adults

Learning the ABC is a significant milestone for children because it is the first step towards learning how to read and write. Most children use alphabet books with corresponding pictures or information to help them memorize the letters; A is for apple, B is for ball. The pictures help capture the imagination of children and also learn about the world. But who says education needs to stop at adulthood? Illustrator Toby Leigh has created ABC for Adults — "twisting the meaning of innocent, childlike words into hysterically funny yet terrifying adult themes." According to his website, Toby made the parody version of "the classic ABC books from yesteryear" because, "Unfortunately, we all grew up and became paranoid, cynical adults filled with fear and hatred. But don't despair, this new book will help guide you and your family through this difficult phase of your existence." Check out a sample of the hilarious works below, where H is for heart attack, and Z is for zippers… in bondage suits. 

pictures of abc from dark adult book - cover pic Z zip leather face mask N nose patient having plastic surgery
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