twitter thread about men who are hilariously passionate about google maps | thumbnail text - Bayek Sowa @SowaTheArrog Replying wife_geist on vacation Cancun looked up see long 'd take drive home reason don't know 4:33 PM Mar 2, 2022 Twitter Web App

Men Unite Over Their Irrational Passion For Checking How Far Places Are On Google Maps (Twitter Thread)

They're so obsessed it's adorable
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Instagram depressing name places funny pictures map world totopgraphies | Little Dick Lake Big Dick Lake | Bucket Blood St

Sad Topographies: Instagram Account Of Depressingly Named Places Around The World

Who knew these places existed!
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Funny maps about the US | WORST CITY EVERY STATE ACCORDING MATTSURELEE'S INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS Runford Manchester Spokone Rurland Grand Forks Browning Edina Salem Wercester Manhowo Coldwell Brookings Albany Rock Springs Cedar Ropids Modesto Woon socker Scronnon Fremon Sporks Dayton Coiro Gery Provo Bridgepon Pueble welvegeia Beach Topeka Jefferson Gry Lenington Comden Bakers- Gotonio field Memphis Ardmore Wilmingnon Mesa Pine Bluff Hobbs Greer Poolesvile Jacsan ne hom Macon Turkey Creak Dollas Wel

There's a Map For Everything: Maps That Show The Weird Side Of The US

Weird US maps
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autaralia's bushfire in charts and maps | tweet by Love, Hayley hrhswift Some perspective AustralianFires big are fires? At least 4 million hectares have burned New South Wales since 1 July 2019 Amazon fires burned an estimated 900,000 hectares 2018 California fires burned 800,000 hectares Sydney Opera House is 65m height 70 metre high flames have been reported

Apocalypse Now: The Magnitude Of Australia's Bushfire Explained in Maps And Graphs

Australia's Bushfire Explained in Maps And Graphs
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unnecessary Maps - 4749317

20 Totally Unnecessary Maps We Can Manage Without

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