Divorce Lawyers Expose Evil Ways Spouses Tried Screwing Over Their Ex

Divorce lawyers see the ugly side of love—the breakdowns in communication, the anger, and the resentment. Divorces can seriously bring out the nasty and petty sides of people. These divorce lawyers reveal the evilest, funniest and dumbest ways that spouses tried screwing the other over. From splitting everything physically down the middle to figuring out how to educate a shared parrot, they genuinely have seen it all when it comes to love, or the lack thereof.

divorce lawyers share evil ways spouses tried screwing over the other | thumbnail Text - The divorce lawyer my mother in law had to fight had a case so vicious that they wanted everything split right down the middle, up to the block of cheese in the fridge. And she won that case. I can only imagine how long it took to split everything in the house.
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