People Share Embarrassing crush stories| thumbnail text - Nicoletta 18 1 year ago I confessed to my childhood playmate crush on Valentine's Day. I quote his reply. "Yeah, I know." Give Award Share Report Save

People Expose Their Embarrassing Crush Stories

It wasn't really a crush if you didn't get crushed
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Hilarious and awkward first kiss stories| thumbnail text - Photograph - PopGunSuzie @PopGunSuzie ... Dating during covid: What color should I paint my toes for my gynecologist appointment later? 9:45 PM - Feb 1, 2021 - Twitter for Android

People Reveal Their Awkward First Kiss Stories

Serious question: was anybody's first kiss NOT awkward
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People Expose Their Worse Kiss Stories| Thumbnail text - ProvocativeCactus • 11h My cousin, a toddler, asked for a kiss and sneezed into my open mouth. I caught the flu. G Reply 4 Vote ...

People Expose Their Worse Kiss Stories

Careful with your tongues people
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Women share their hilarious major turn offs| Thumbnail Text - survivalothefittest 7 months ago Jamming the clit like an unresponsive elevator button 18 Give Award Share Report Save

Women Reveal Things Guys Think Are Sexy But Are Really Weird

Enough With The Skinny Jeans
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The Worst Things To Say After A Kiss| thumbnail text - HHenswolo • 3d Im gonna brush my teeth G Reply 1 550 ...

The Worst Things To Say After A Kiss

Some advice not to take
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first kisses | thumbnail text - xandaria · 4y It was gross. The guy just kept like munching on my face as though he hadn't eaten in a week and it was wet and sloppy. His glasses kept falling down and hitting me in the face too. I went through about three tubes of lip balm afterwards trying to heal my severely chapped lips.

People Reminisce About Their First Kiss, For Better Or For Worse

My first kiss went a little like this
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pictures of really bad and gross kisses | thumbnail includes pictures of people giving bad kisses

Pictures Of The Worst And Grossest Kisses Ever

I just threw up in my mouth
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Women Share Cringey Things Guys Do In Bed| Thumbnail text - strawberrychel 1 year ago When we say 'don't stop', DON'T START SPEEDING UP! Keep doing EXACTLY what you're doing, for fuck's sake. 3.0k Give Award Share Report Save

Women Expose The Weird Things Men Do During Sex

That's Good Does NOT Mean Speed Up
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Hilarious tweets for people who hate Valentine's Day| thumbnail text - mike ginn Let's all take a moment of silence this Valentine's Day to think about the couples who started dating end of January @shutupmikeg... · Feb 14, 2015 •.. 12 27 185 487

Twelve Snarky Tweets For Valentine's Day Haters

Ugh, it's that time of year again
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15 couples that actually dated in real life| Thumbnail text - Smile - *who's that girl" it's lyss ... elyssallama Omg I just found the two main ppl from outer banks are dating in real life adorable 9:32 AM - Jan 18, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone

Fifteen TV Couples Who Succumbed to Peer Pressure and Actually Dated

So it wasn't all acting.
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amazingly photoshopped pictures of women doing duck face selfies adding spaghetti - thumbnail includes two pictures showing kim kardashian slurping spaghetti and three friends slurping spagetti

Adding Spaghetti To Duck Face Selfies Is A Total Game Changer

The duck selfie remake
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