Live-streaming Pasta-Making Classes From 84-Year-Old Grandma In Italy

I am a pasta lover. Personally, I consider it the food of the gods and I eat it at least three times a week, in all its glorious variations. Sadly, pasta has become somewhat of a commodity nowadays, since supermarket shelves are being cleared out due to panic-buying. The silver lining? Now is the perfect time to try and make your own, especially with all this extra time on our hands. Yes, you could follow a recipe book, but what if you could take a live-streaming video class from an 84-year-old Italian nonna, using a generations-old recipe? Well luckily for you, you can! Nonna Nerina (Nonna means grandma in Italian), who usually hosts pasta-cooking classes in her home is now running them online due to the coronavirus containment measures in Italy and it's wonderful. Forget your online fitness classes; this is much more fun! Here's how it works... 

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