Questions For The Opposite Sex That You Wouldn’t Say IRL: A Reddit Thread

Admit it, you have a ton of questions you've always wanted to ask a member of the opposite sex, but haven't been able to. Perhaps you never have the balls (see what I did there?) to ask, or it wasn't an appropriate question, or you just don't know anyone to ask. Whatever the reason, you are not alone. Turns out, loads of people have these questions and a Reddit thread has kindly collated them all, so you can peruse through and see the answers to some of the most commonly thought of questions for the opposite sex. 

questions to the opposite sex - cover pic asking about pierced nipples leaking when you breastfeed | flamingoman 1.9k points 11 hours ago Girls, if have pierced nipples then have kid, does milk come out like sprinkler head or through original channel like hose.
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