Two strangers meet and kiss at a sushi restaurant, they thought they'd never see each other again, but TikTok finds them and reunites them for an epic real life love story

Girl Calls Out Stranger With Matching Outfit, They Dreamily Kiss, Then Never See Each Other Again... Until TikTok Finds Them

It's like the storyline to a rom-com—except it's happening in real-time on TikTok.
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dating IRL twitter thread | thumbnail text - greeneyedsims @greeneyedsims ... Replying to @OllyWrites Next door apartment neighbor. Early morning, he was washing his car outside my ground level apartment, blasting Kenny G. I raised my window to cuss him out for waking me up, but never did. I met his heart and he met mine. Married two months later, nearly 20 years ago. 12:24 PM · Nov 26, 2021 · Twitter for Android

People Reveal How They Met Their Significant Others Offline Instead Of Dating Apps

The wholesome thread we needed today
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askwomen post | thumbnail text - MaleficentBarnacle60 · 10h Girls who are genuinely supremely awkward and clumsy while being irresistibly beautiful. Gives damsel -in -distress and "pick-me's" vibes.~ think Twilight or maybe 50 Shades of Grey

Overused Female Tropes In Movies And TV Shows That Never Happen IRL

These rarely happen IRL
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wholesome ways people met the one offline | thumbnail text -Robyn Porteous @RobynPorteous Replying to @_moshimosho Yes! We met running. Well, I was running and he was serving water at the tables every 4km along the route around Cradle. By the third table, I was very aware that this handsome man would be waiting at every table and it certainly made the kilometres between a bit easier e 2:20 PM · Nov 2, 2021 · Twitter Web App

People Reveal Wholesome Ways They Met The One Outside Of Dating Apps and DMs (Twitter Thread)

Twitter gets wholesome
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red flags that work in books | thumbnail text - bonsaithot · 15h I love it when the hero is just super obsessed with the female protagonist and he can just spring to her aid when she needs it because he's been watching her. LOL so toxic irl but I love it in books.

More Red Flags That Work In Books But Wouldn't Fly In Real Life

The fictional toxic boyfriend just does it for us
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OnlyFans people get recognized IRL | thumbnail text - MT_061619 · 8h I had a guy recognize me, thankfully he was pretty chill. He low key followed me for a bit, then split ways then sent me a message on OF saying he saw me. And that was it. Half of my family know what I do (found out), but almost none of my friends. I imagine it would be awkward if someone actually came up to me and started talking about my line of work lol

OnlyFans Content Creators Reveal What Happened When They Were Recognized IRL

Things get weird real quick
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questions to the opposite sex - cover pic asking about pierced nipples leaking when you breastfeed | flamingoman 1.9k points 11 hours ago Girls, if have pierced nipples then have kid, does milk come out like sprinkler head or through original channel like hose.

Questions For The Opposite Sex That You Wouldn’t Say IRL: A Reddit Thread

"Does size matter? Asking for a friend..."
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crazy scary hilarious wtf IRL lol freaky stories cheezcake funny weird - 6309125

People Tell 'IRL' Plot Twists and the Results Did Not Disappoint (23 Stories)

People on the internet shared their 'In Real Life' stories and they all had some major plot twists
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