Vintage Ads Which Were Highly Offensive Towards Women

Full gender equality might still not be where it needs to be, but we've certainly come a long way over the past half a century. Travel back just 50 or-so-years-ago, and the world was not an easy place to be a woman. Where assisting men to become great achievers was their highest accolade, women didn't have much hope for being taken seriously. With companies insulting and belittling women as marketing strategies to sell their products, it was indeed a man's world.

These vintage ads give us an idea of just how little empowerment, rights, or power women had back in the day. Check out the horrors below.

vintage ads that are offensive towards women - cover pic little girl saying she can be a receptionist one day when she grows up and woman on floor with shoe | He said my teeth are so good Ican be his receptionist whenIgrowup? 99 Macleans White Fluoride stronger, whiter teeth. all Macleans toothpaste makes teeth whiter. ou're sitting there g-room worrying As dentist will tell regular brushing with Macleans | Keep her where she belongs O Weyenberg Massagic Footwear
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