Asking Random LA Locals Their Thoughts On Aliens| thumbnail text - They must look like us, woman

Asking Random LA Locals Their Thoughts On Aliens

Some very controversial opinions
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guys you'll encounter at the galactic federation | thumbnail image of Thor Text - Thor: The ladies man As a brawny thunder God, you already know he brings the thunder in bed.  Feeling experimental? Have him whip out his enchanted, erotic hammer to spice things up. And with his super endurance, he’ll keep it  going all night long.

Guys You'll Meet At The Galactic Federation

Evidently, the earthly men are useless
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tumblr sci-fi

Mini Tumblr Thread About Sci-Fi Translation Has Got Us All Scratching Our Heads

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lessons in human behavior to aliens

How To Explain Human Behavior To An Alien (Comics)

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