Matching Outfits In 70s Fashion Ads Are Utterly Ridiculous

Remember when you were a little kid, and your mom forced you and your siblings to wear matching, scratchy, ugly outfits? The shame, the embarrassment, and the discomfort you endured, all so that your mom could get some great family pics? Well, we took a look back at some 1970s fashion ads, and the outfits look precisely like the scenario we just described. A mixture of tartan, plaid, high-waisted belts, and stuffy cotton looking numbers, the 1970s isn't a time we want to revisit when it comes to vintage fashion. Check out some of these ridiculous matching outfits from 70s fashion ads, and be grateful that your mom was the only one forcing you to match, and not the catwalks.

ridiculous matching 1970s outfits } thumbnail includes pictures of man and dog matching and man and woman in bikini matching
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