Relatable Throwbacks To The 2000s That Induce Nostalgia

The 2000s was a golden age, full of wonderful things and it will forever have a special place in our hearts. But now that it's a mere distant memory, we can look back nostalgically and reminisce about the good times. Instagram account @doyoulovethe2000s allows us to do just that, by taking pictures, sticking them with relatable memories and helping us to relive our early adulthood, teenage years (or childhood, if you're that young). Its tagline: "Life is good" is a pretty accurate description of the decade that gave us Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, and flip phones. 

Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Nostalgia, Throwback, 2000s, Memes, Funny, Nostalgic, relatable | 2005 and having spa night with BFF start off by dipping hands hot wax and painting nails with bon bons. Later put on face mask and watch 'Raise Voice' with iconic Hilary Duff. Life is good doyoulovethe2000s
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