My Dating Nightmare: Bad One-Night Stand Insisted On Cooking Naked In My Kitchen

Have you ever had a really bad one-night stand? Ever woken up next to someone and wished you could erase the whole night of mediocre sex with a less than average stranger? Well, if you have, you're not alone. Together with The Single Society, we bring you the funniest, most awkward, and painful first date stories from real women in New York City. 

This one features Liam, a handsome accountant who overstayed his welcome the next morning and refused to put any underwear on. Read on, and be horrified!

Story of Bad One-Night Stand Who Insisted On Cooking Naked In My Kitchen - cover image "I found liam stark naked cooking breakfast, testicles pressed up against the knobs of my oven." | YOUR BALLS ARE DISGUSTING AND DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM
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