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Sneak Peeks Into Texts Between Celebs: Zayn Malik and Yolanda Hadid

Ever wondered what famous people text their other famous friends? Come on, admit it, we've all been there. Are their conversations as weird and mundane as the regular folk, or do they just gossip about other celebs? Does Beyoncé really shoot text Jay Z to grab some milk on his way home? I guess we'll never know, but we've teamed up with Mock Diaries to bring you parodies of celebrities' intimate conversations with their family and friends with the hope to make you laugh (or cry, it's totally up to you how you react!)

satirical text conversation between Zayn and Yolanda Hadid when Gigi gave birth - thumbnail includes pictures of zayn, gigi and yolanda and their text conversation | taking Gigi hospital right now She says baby is coming real, this time. This is not drill OMG Ok keep posted on every little thing happens. There's no way falling back asleep. Shit. Can't find car keys Do know where they are? Gigi's freaking out DID FALL ASLEEP? YOLANDA Found them
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