People Reveal Their Age Without Numbers - Twitter Thread

Our childhoods are filled with memories that are indicative of the era we grew up in. Whether it's the cartoons that were on TV, the technology that was available, or simply the toys we played with, it's easy to reveal how old you are simply through pictures. A Twitter thread using the hashtag #RevealYourAgeWithoutNumbers has got people posting pictures of things that were popular when they were young, and people are guessing how old they are. What would your pictures look like?

twitter thread of people revealing their age without numbers | @ddtorrez28 #RevealYourAgeWithoutNumbers My after school specials were these shows Calliou Arthur Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman | Ashley @CookiesNCyanide #RevealYourAgeWithoutNumbers trying write on one these not smear all over place
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