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Written In The Stars: Your Weekly Horoscope (November 9 - 15)

2020 has been an absolute dumpster fire. Because everything else seems to be out of whack at the moment, let's turn to the universe itself for guidance. When in doubt, Zodiac-it-out. Take a deep breath, grab a warm cup of tea, and check out if the stars align for you this week. 

Weekly women's funny horoscope | thumbnail Go (Scorpio) shorty - it's your birthday month! Even though it's your special tim of the year, you may also encounter assholes who are trying to mess with your birthda vibes. If their sh*tty attitudes persist, stay true, and swiftly tel them to shut the f*ck up | Libra The sun will be blocked by Neptune in Pisces, so prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions. To prevent a complete meltdown, cut down on the crap in your life. Eliminate toxic frenemies
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