Twelve Things Which Made People Instantly Stop Watching Porn

In every relationship, we have our deal-breakers. And some of us have very special relationships with the world of porn. We build a certain trust with the industry. Good vibes only you might say. But we all know you can't always control what's about to pop up on your screen, and then you immediately have to turn it off and slowly recover. These kinds of experiences can hurt your relationship with your go-to porn site, especially since it was built on trust. But that's showbiz.

If you've ever had to go on a break from your favorite porn site, you may relate to these deal-breakers that people shared on Reddit.

Twelve Things That Make People Instantly Stop Watching Porn| thumbnail text - lihairden • 19h facial expressions. when they look at the camera, lick lips, roll eyes and look like they're having a bad reaction to something. way too fake. 5 Reply 4 635 3 ...
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