Kendal Jenner Hosts 'No Mask' Birthday Party, Internet Loses Its Mind

While the rest of the world enters more lockdowns, makes an effort to socially distance, and generally struggles through the sh*tshow of a global pandemic going on right now, The Kardashian/Jenner crew and their other celeb friends are carrying on as usual. As if Kim Kardashian's 40th-birthday bash on a private island wasn't bad enough, Kendall Jenner hosted a Halloween 25th birthday party, which saw 100+ famous people celebrating, NOT wearing masks.

Kim at least attempted to keep to some health regulations by making everyone in attendance isolate for two weeks before the trip (which, of course, doesn't make it OK, but still, bless her, she tried). But Kendall did quite the opposite, and not only did her guests not wear masks, but she included signs at the party, asking guests not to put any pictures up on social media in an attempt to hide it from the public. Of course, no one adhered, and the pictures soon started circulating. People began tweeting how unfair it was that the rich and famous act like they are immune to coronavirus while everyone else has to adhere to strict social distancing rules.

Videos of Kendall blowing her candles out while the waiter holding the cake had to move his face away so she didn't blow all over his face have riled up the public. So have plenty of pictures showing guests not wearing masks, with way more than the legal amount of people packed into one space, and Twitter is not holding back. Here are some of the scathing responses to Kendall's birthday bash, which, as fun as it looked, made all of our Halloweens look even worse than they already were!

Kendall Jenner throws big birthday bash during pandemic, internet loses it | thumbnail includes two tweets Text - no but kendall jenner really threw a big ass party with all those celebrities without masks in the middle of a pandemic with a "no social media" rule so people wouldn't find out about it. ath' @jeonlvr · Nov 1 NO SOCIAL, MEDIA TAKE ALL OF THE PHOTOS YOU WANT, BUT PLEASE DO NOT POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA OF ANY KIND. 7.8K 17 2.8K 202 and jaden wearing that hospital mask??????? 27 26 ath @je
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