Artist Turns Unsolicited Tinder Messages Into Creative Satirical Masterpieces

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, throwing single people everywhere into a Hallmark-induced blind panic of swiping on dating apps like Tinder, desperately trying to find love. But as fun as endless hours of virtual flirting can be, dating apps can also be vapid spaces filled with inappropriate and unsolicited (often one-way) sexual exchanges.

One artist who experienced such interactions on Tinder is Dafna Steinberg. She was inspired to create a collection called "I'm Willing To Lie About How We Met", in which she uses real opening lines men sent her in personal messages on the app. She sets these "against a backdrop, of romantic imagery from advertising, romance novels, and fashion editorials found in vintage magazines and books." Her project "examines the differences between the superficial hopes of romantic love, the stark reality found on dating sites and trying to reconcile the two while combating the misogyny of 'hook up' culture."

And they say romance is dead…

NSFW, Tinder, Art, Satire, Dating, Dating Apps, Art, Conversation, Unsolicited | vintage art couple lounging in a blooming park have thing self- important fat chicks. Wow so sweet.
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