Funny Tweets About The Realities Of Fitness For Parents

Parenting is a pretty full-time gig. Finding time to do anything for yourself can seem almost impossible, never mind exercising. But if your kids are little, then you don't need to worry because running after them is a full-time workout in itself. Bending down to pick up the constant trail of litter they leave behind them are the only squats you'll need. Here are some hilariously relatable tweets from parents about the harsh realities of fitness (or lack thereof) once kids come along.

funny tweets about the realities of fitness for parents | thumbnail text - Arianna Bradford ... @thearibradford I pulled a muscle and got floaters in my eyes from trying to show my kids how to do a cartwheel so I won't be selling my at-home fitness program after all. 5:00 AM - Apr 26, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 72 Retweets 407 Likes
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