Internet Supports Child Who Thinks She's Ugly

After a mother posted a video of her 4-year-old daughter calling herself "ugly", it went viral and broke the hearts of everyone who saw it. Hundreds sent in messages of support, including former First Lady Michelle Obama, reassuring little Ariyonna that she is in fact, beautiful. Check some of the beautiful responses she received, including art-work, songs, and messages which will restore your faith in humanity. At the end of the list, is the video Ariyonna's mom made in response to the outpouring of love, where she is smiling and saying, "I'm black and beautiful. Thank you, everyone".

internet supports crying child little girl four years old michelle obama heartwarming | michelleobama Verified Ariyonna, you are gorgeous. In a world that sometimes tries to say otherwise, I want to tell you—and every other beautiful, intelligent, brave black girl—just how precious you are. #blackgirlmagic @lilwavedaddy #Repost @yenedamtew
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