Women Reveal Their Strangest 'I’m about to start my period' Symptoms

Oh, those pesky period symptoms. Come on, ladies, admit it, you also get those period poops, sore boobs, and the feeling like you want to eat everything in sight. If it makes you feel any better (it did for me), you're not alone. The women of Reddit shared their strangest 'I'm about to start my period' symptom, and you may very well find your symptoms in there. Alternatively, you'll be horrified at what other women go through; it can go either way.

women share the strangest period symptoms they get | thumbnail text - QueenOfTheTermites 4 days ago Suddenly just 50% weaker than I usually am. Like, I'm a runner and I can only run like 1/2 the distance at a 1/4 of the speed right before my period.
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