Woman's Tweet Praising Short Husband Inspires Others To Do The Same

When it comes to picking a partner, we all have certain requirements or types. Whether it's hair color, skin tone, or physique, everyone has their thing. But one thing that most women in the western heterosexual dating world have in common is their desire for a man who is taller than them. Without going into the evolutionary reasons for this, this is often a deal-breaker for women, who have started writing this stipulation on their dating profiles. Men aren't happy about it for the most part (especially those who aren't 6 feet tall) and have begrudgingly started putting their height on the apps with the statement "because apparently that matters". While it's obvious that height isn't everything, one woman endorsed this in a tweet about her husband who is shorter than her, expressing how happy she is with her "5"5 king". Women felt inspired to post pictures of their shorter significant others saying how happy they are. Of course, there were the haters, but Lizz had great comebacks for them all. Check out the thread below. 

woman tweet short husband wife stigma praise height | Lizz Adams @Lizz Happily married my 5'5" king 8 years while y'all are getting ghosted by 6'2" alcoholics with 7th grade reading levels but go off about only date tall men guess
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