My Dating Nightmare: Guy Stuffs His Face, Leaving Me Starving

There is a certain unspoken etiquette when it comes to dating, of which most people are aware. From showing up on time to the date and not speaking only about yourself, these are often the things that determine whether or not there will be a second date. But some people have no idea how to conduct themselves on dates, leaving the person on the receiving end totally baffled! When will these guys learn?!

Together with The Single Society, we bring you the latest real horror story of the online dating scene in New York City, and this time it's about a guy who thought a work event was the perfect place for a first date. After eating in front of the poor starving girl, he tried (and failed to get them free food. He sounds like a real keeper, eh?

pop art illustration of man eating burger and story of how he ate a slider without giving it to his hungry date | An acquaintance of Marc's approached us with two delectable sliders on his cocktail napkin. I was salivating. He handed one to Marc, who shoved the entire thing straight into his mouth. Wow, what a gentleman.
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