Robert Pattinson Standing In The Kitchen Memes Makes Great Material

Robert Pattinson, the Twilight heartthrob from back in the day, has recently found his way back into the spotlight for two main reasons. The first is his upcoming performance as the new Batman, which people have pretty mixed feelings over. The second is the resurfacing of a picture of Pattinson on Instagram from 2017 (which he has since deleted). The photo shows him standing in a kitchen during the shooting of Good Time, in which he plays Connie, a petty thief. Connie doesn't exactly have the dashing looks you're used to seeing Pattinson sport in Twilight, and of course, the internet immediately took advantage of how creepy he looked. The memes are savage, but also hilarious. Check out some of the funniest ones below.

Funny memes of Robert Pattinson standing in kitchen | text - spooky blm donny @_donnydrama we kicked this dude out of the party 6 times and somehow he keeps getting back in literally no one knows who he is
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