People Reveal Things Nanny Cams Caught Their Babysitters Doing

Every parent knows how hard it is to leave their children with a babysitter. After all, your kids are your life and soul, and trusting them with another human being who isn't related to them is a big deal. But even harder than that is finding a good babysitter who you can trust. One option is to always have a Nanny Cam up so that you can check in to see how they are fairing with your children when you aren't there... because you can never be too careful, right? 

A Reddit thread asking people to share the things they've caught their babysitters doing has revealed some heartwarming but also some shocking stories. Just shows you can never really know what's going on when you're not there... 

strange reddit camera babysitter spy spying things parents | Friend caught hers rummaging through her closet and stealing blouse. She confronted her about she returned home, and woman played innocent. She wearing fi ig blouse.
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