Song Parody

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We know everyone can use a little pick-me-up and what better way than dancing it out with that one fine-tune we can always count on...

We'll be there for you! Through it ALL! 

And that is exactly what Michael and his fellow bandmates (Amitai, Omer, and Vova) did. 

They took the current situation and although each one is apart, they came together to create a parody of the well-known FRIENDS theme song




Video by: Michael Rose

Instagram: @thisismichaelrose // Facebook


The Band: 

Keyboards, Eternal Youth and Charm - Amitai Kurtz 

Instagram: @amitai_kurtz// Facebook 


Airdrum Champion Of The World - Omer Pank 

Instagram: @omerpank // Facebook


Bass, Alcogel Spray, and Synchronized Swimming - Vova Gershenzon

Instagram: @bigphatgorilla// Facebook