France Refuses To Call Off World’s Largest Gathering Of Smurfs Amid Coronavirus

As Coronavirus keeps spreading, much of the world seems to be in panic mode, mass quarantining and buying supermarkets out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Essentially, the world is collapsing in on itself. But amid the madness, France had other plans, deciding that going ahead with holding the world's largest smurf gathering was worth risking the spread of a deadly pandemic. Yes, you read that correctly; a small northwestern French town did not let Coronavirus stop them from hosting this important and essential event. "We must not stop living," Patrick Leclerc, the mayor of Landerneau, said, followed by "It was the chance to say that we are alive." Well ok then. When in France, I guess! Here are some reactions to a video of the event, as broadcasted by AFP News Agency on Monday and it's safe to say that the world is not impressed.  

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