The 'Shave And Play' 2020 Barbie Doll Is Kinda Gross, But Cool

While most little girls grew up with Barbie dolls to play with, not all girls grew up with the 'Shave and Play Borbie' doll, now available on Etsy. And probably for several good reasons: primarily, the fact that it comes with a real razor blade, but also because it's creepy AF!

So what is this incredibly creepy doll? In the seller's own words, "You've played with regular Barbie, but this is Shave & Play Borbie...and she is unlike any other doll you've played with! She is FURRY and ready for a trim! Whip out the razor (included) and give her a style all her own! Borbie will love her new, silky smooth, hair-free self!"

Ummmm ok then! The Shave and Play Borbie (presumably named as such, so Mattel doesn't sue them) might be a gag gift, but it's weird as hell. Hey, whatever floats your boat!

shave and play barbie doll for 2020 ~ thumbnail includes two pictures of barbie dolls with hairy bodies and faces and a razor included in the box
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