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People Reveal Their Most Disgusting Secrets

Everyone has secrets - it's what makes us human. But not all secrets are born equal. For some, their worst secret is that they stole a cookie from the jar when you were five-years-old. For others, it's that they murdered the cat next door. It's all relative. But a Reddit thread asking people to share their most disgusting secrets has proved that some people are truly messed up, and honestly, reading through some of these disturbing revelations makes me realize how boring my life is. 

people reveal their most disgusting secrets - cover pic story about kicking pig eyeball under cabinet during biology class and never telling anyone | _kolibrii 7.8k points 6 hours ago biology class were dissecting pigs eyeball and my hand slipped and eyeball fell on floor and being extremely lazy kicked under cabinet and lay there 2 years until someone finally found .
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