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Sex Workers Reveal Their Worst Requests From Clients

When it comes to sex, there are two groups of people. The first, which probably comprises most of the population, enjoy good old missionary (with a bit of doggy-style thrown in if they're feeling adventurous), vanilla sex. The second is the folk who get off on various kinks and fetishes, ranging from innocent role-play to some really nasty and sometimes dangerous sh*t. Seriously, check any porn website, and you'll find a subcategory for every kink imaginable. Whatever floats your boat, we don't judge, as long as it's consensual and you're having a good time.

But even if you fall into the latter category, what's 'weird' on the kink spectrum is relative; one person's "normal" is another person's "hell to the no". Sex workers, whose job is to make their clients' fantasies come true, are perhaps the group of people most exposed to the pandora's box of sexual kinks and fetishes. But even they have their limits, and a recent AskReddit thread where sex workers described some of the worst requests they received from clients revealed some genuinely shocking stuff. We've compiled a list of some of the strangest requests, which will probably make you realize just how vanilla you are after reading them. Maybe.

sex workers reveal the worst requests they've had from clients | thumbnail Text - jenskal 43 points · 15 days ago I tried being a phone sex operator. Not as fun as some people said it would be. One guy just wanted to listen to me sneeze for an hour. Do you know how much it hurts to pretend sneeze?
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