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People Reveal 'Non-Sexual Things That Feel Very Sexual'

Let me set the scene. You are having problems with your computer at work, and you call out in frustration for someone in the office to help you. A guy from the desk clump opposite jumps to the rescue and makes his way to your desk. You gesture for him to take your seat, but he insists on standing. He leans over your shoulder, peering at the screen, trying to figure out the issue. You've never given this guy much thought before, but suddenly, you notice how clear his skin is, how amazing he smells, and how crisp his white shirt is. He is five inches from your face, and you start the electricity is palpable. How has a seemingly innocent situation become so sexually charged

If you've ever been in a situation like that, let me reassure you that you're not alone. Redditors have been sharing all the moments in life where non-sexual things suddenly feel extremely sexual, and I'm shocked at how many of these resonate with me. Scroll through and make me feel better that I'm not alone?

redditers reveal non-sexual things that feel sexual - cover pic describing sexual tension when someone leans over your shoulder to look at computer screen | chestyCough94 16.7k points 13 days ago If on pc/laptop, somebody leaning over shoulder look at screen with close proximity faces can feel awkwardly sexual.
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