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People Reveal Weirdest Myths About Sex They Believed As Kids

I think I can probably speak for most people when I say that growing up, my sex ed was almost non-existent. I picked up everything I know now along the way, either through the garbage my friends told me or, as I got older, through some awkward trial and error experiences. I was that gullible kid who believed you could get pregnant from swimming in a pool and that my parents only had sex the same amount of times as the number of siblings I have (and even that was way too many for my liking). People on Reddit share some of the weirdest myths about sex they believed as kids, and they make me feel less alone, as that kid who believed anything and everything about the big, bad world of sex.

People share the weirdest myths they thought about sex when they were kids | thumbnail Text - ImInJeopardy 6 days ago 2 2 3 2 8 I thought you literally could not have sex before marriage. It couldn't happen. The vagina would reject the penis like water and oil.
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