sexual assault


My Dating Nightmare: Guy Was A Boob-Grabbing Creep

Touching a woman inappropriately, or touching her without consent is a crime and should be taken extremely seriously. Unsolicited contact can constitute sexual assault, which, unfortunately, is something that women have to deal with on the daily. It makes dating a dangerous game because you never know what sort of creeps are lurking on the other end of your dating app and for every great guy, there are ten weirdos out there. Together with The Single Society, we bring you this story of a boob-grabbing creeper, who is an awful human being. We feel bad laughing because it sounds like a truly horrific experience. Maybe it's nervous laughter, but God. Help. Us. All! 

pop art illustration of woman pointing | BUYING A WOMAN DRINKS DOES NOT MEAN you ARE ENTITLED TO HER BODY
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