sex meme

Gee zoinks Scoob it's a sex-meme again. Time to let that raunchy side of your brain be out and about and enjoy some hilarious "blue" flavored memes and jokes. So don't go getting too excited, make sure you save some in the tank so you don't miss a single thing.


Painfully Relatable Sex Memes For The Dirty-Minded

The only thing worse than awkward sex is not having sex at all. And if that's the case, then you may as well laugh at it. But whether you're going through a dry spell, or you're lucky enough to be getting some on the daily, then you'll relate to these hilarious sex memes. And maybe you can share them with someone you're hoping to bang in the near future, to give them a hint already. Ladies, these will hit hard. 

relatable awkward sex memes | thumbnail includes two memes Text - When you're waiting for him to come back with a towel, When he start yelling too many instructions while y'all having sex "Now flip over... on your side... turn around... look at me..."
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