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Wife Refuses To Stay With Husband If He Got Hypothetical Sex Change

Sometimes in life, you get faced with questions for which there are no right answers. These impossible hypotheticals force you between a rock and a hard place and can make life pretty awkward. For example, when your husband asks you if you'd stay married to him if he got a sex change. I mean, what does one even say to that? If you stay with him, you're forced to stay married to someone you're no longer attracted to. If you bail, then is it really true love?

I know I'd be out, but if you'd stay with him, props to you, my friend, because that is some deeply serious love and commitment. One woman posted her predicament on the subreddit Am I The A-Hole to see how other people would react to her awkward position. The majority of users reassured her that she wasn't the a**hole, saying that her husband was either about to come out as trans or was a highly manipulative individual. Read through her predicament and then see if you agree with the comments.

husband upset at wife because she refuses to stay with him after hypothetical sex change | thumbnail Text - So few days ago, my husband 26m and 26f were having late night chat, sort have often, and he asked question darling, would still be with and be attracted if had sex change said no, and he took very personally and felt really hurt. He said things like thought loved and not my looks and my sex He terribly misunderstood said
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