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Mother Shares Experience With 4 Kids In A Public Bathroom And Demonstrates What It Really Means To Be A Mom

Serious Mom Shit is a popular Facebook page where one mother tells sh*t like it is, without the fluff.  

In the hilarious bio, this serious mom writes,  "I love the shit out of my little crotch goblins ...  My kids are total assholes and I won't ever downplay that. The shit I write is real and I love being able to speak my mind without the judgement. We are all entitled to bad days and lazy days. Let this be your safe haven. We will all survive motherhood together, in Jesus name, Amen."

And just a few days ago, Serious Mom posted a super relatable story about sharing a toilet stall with 4 kids that went viral. Other moms commented below sharing some of their similar experiences and honestly, it's all hilarious. 

This is Serious. Mom. Shit. 

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