Husband Refuses To Look At Wife's 'Desperate' Boudoir Photos, Internet Scolds Him

The internet is full of people who make you say "WTF," and this guy is undoubtedly one of them. He posted on the subreddit Am I The A-Hole, explaining how he thought the surprise professional boudoir photos his wife had taken for him were "desperate" and indicative of the midlife crisis he suspected she was having. This absolute gem of a husband explained how his "aging" 41-year-old wife looks starkly different from "everybody else in our group of mid to late thirties people," adding, "Frankly I don't think the boudoir photos make her any more or less flattering... a quick glance at them did nothing for me."

Ummm, OK. First off, any change in appearance over two or three years at that age is negligible. Anyone sensible knows that. So, this guy's delusional views on what women should look like are already painting a picture of the type of person he is. Secondly, his poor wife, who quite clearly feels insecure about her body (probably because of her dckwad of a husband who makes her feel like total sht), was looking for a confidence boost. His reaction is at best indifferent, and at worst, feeding and magnifying all her insecurities, making her feel like total sht. As you probably guessed, Redditors unanimously voted him an a*hole. Please scroll down for his story and to see the comments people left him. Spoiler: they didn't hold back.

husband refuses to look at wife's boudoir photos and intenet calls him an asshole | thumbnail Text - Posted by u/thorwayayawn 13 days ago 3 AITA for telling my wife I don't want to look at her boudoir photos? Asshole My wife is two years older than me. She's 41 now and I think she knows that she's been aging. Even though she takes reasonably good care of herself, it's pretty stark how she looks and how everybody else in our group of mid to late thirties people look.
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