Satan, not to be mistaken with the lovely fabric. The big guy downstairs used to scare people to walk the straight and narrow for nearly 2000 years. It's about time you find a reason to laugh at him, even just a bit. What do you have to fear, Purgatory? Possibly.


Satan's Instagram Is Full Of Funny As Hell One-Liners

We live in an age where everyone and everything is on social media. In fact, it's weird to meet someone nowadays who doesn't have an Instagram account, which apparently, includes Satan. Yes, that's right, there's an Instagram account run by Mr. Hellfire himself. Filled with cutting one-liners and insulting, but inspiring quips, it turns Satan is quite the wordsmith. And not quite as evil as you might expect. Check out some of the funniest posts we found on the @s8n Instagram account, and decide whether or not he lives up to his bad-boy hype.

satans funny instagram account | thumbnail Text - Satan @s8n Mary : I'm pregnant Joseph : we haven't even had sex? Mary : uhh yeah it's Gods baby, it's a miracle.
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