'Siblings Or Dating' Instagram Account Asks Followers If 'Couples' Are Related Or Not

When it comes to relationships, the age-old question of whether opposites attract is somewhat of a divisive topic. To clarify, I'm not talking about personality, values, or lifestyle; I'm speaking strictly about physical appearance. One could argue that dating someone who looks very similar to you is about as narcissistic as it gets. Notwithstanding how explaining that no, this is not your sibling, it's your partner, could get boring. But apparently, this issue doesn't phase some people, and the Instagram account Siblings or Dating showcases the most extreme versions of those couples. The account uploads pictures of couples submitted by users to their stories and has their 200k follower base vote whether the 'couple' who looks scarily similar are, in fact, siblings or dating. They then reveal the answer after 24 hours. We've compiled some of the best ones below, together with the answers. See which ones you can correctly guess as you scroll down, and spoiler alert: you'll be wrong almost every time.

funnty instagram account asks followers to vote if picture of two people are dating or siblings | thumbnail includes two pictures of couples Text - DATING! SIBLINGS!
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