Funniest Headlines From 'Reductress' This Week

Reductress is a website filled with satirical content that parodies the style tone and perspective of mainstream media toward women. Its hilarious articles on trending topics and topical issues "take on the outdated perspectives and condescending tone of popular women's media, through the eyes of the funniest women in comedy today", according to the website. Of course, a lot of the recent content is around COVID-19 which has obviously given us a lot to be concerned about.  But in the midst of all the panic, there is certainly something to be said for finding humor in the challenging times. Check out these hilarious twists on the current world situation. 

reductress funny headlines satire news women funny | LIVING QUIZ: Is He Hot Or Does He Just Have Town's Entire Supply Toilet Paper would say is his biggest virtue? | LIVING 5 Recipes With 5 Ingredients or Fewer So Can Get Fuck Out Grocery Store Vamoose, bitch!
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