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Woman Goes Viral For Embracing Wine Stain To The Max On A White Outfit

And honestly, freakin' KUDOS. I cannot begin to tell you just how many white outfits I've stained, it's gotten to a point where I just no longer buy any items of clothing in white! And it's such a shame. 

When @MiaWiliamson_ tweeted about how her friend @eleanorwaltonn had red wine spilled all over her new (and gorgeous) white jumpsuit, I felt that down to my soul! However, Eleanor didn't know what I would've done. Which would be a lot of complained (a lot), curse the heavens above, and vacate the premises naked as I run in a useless attempt against time to remove the stains.

No. Eleanor decided to just let it be and if this was the way, why not take it all the way? And with the help of friends, drowned the once white jumpsuit in red wine, thus obtaining a trendy hippie tie-dye effect instead!

I applaud her.


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