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Sneak Peeks Into Texts Between Celebs: Rebel Wilson's Health Journey

We're back with some more insights into the intimate lives of your fave celebs. A sneak peek into what happens behind the closed doors of the rich and famous, if you will. Welcome to our parody series of celebrities' intimate conversations with their family and friends with the hope to make you laugh (or cry, it's totally up to you how you react!) This week, together with Mock Diaries, we bring you the texts that Rebel Wilson's famous friends sent her to support her through her "Year of Health."

satirical text conversation between Rebel Wilson and her famous friends on her health | thumbnail Text - Chris Pratt Don't stop when you're tired. Stop when you pass out, regain consciousness, and pass out a second time my trainer used say until punched him face. Now he doesn't say much train bet.
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