People Reveal What It's Like To Be In A Coma

Falling into or being placed into a coma is scary stuff. Hovering between life and death isn't something that anyone would undergo out of choice, but it's still a fascinating concept for people to comprehend. Obviously one can never know what it's like unless they've experienced it themselves, but unfortunately plenty of people have been there. A Reddit thread asking people to describe their experiences of being in a coma has shed some light on the scary realities of being in such a vulnerable position. Here are some of the responses.

people reveal coma stories cover photo person explaining what it's like to be in a coma | ManiacMando 5.2k points 23 hours ago hit by car 5years old. Ended up with toxic shock syndrome and went into coma 4 months just remember some very weird 'dreams which can still recall vividly 26 years later. Someone mentioned something about visiting another realm, and thats pretty close mark.
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