Movie Magic: Stars And Their Iconic Transformative Make-Up

The make-up and prosthetics department in the cinema world brings the characters to life! They do such an incredible job at transforming stars into their characters, sometimes it's unreal how life-like they look. Plain and simple, what they do is art. 

I mean, just look at a majority of Gary Oldman movies -- the guy is a total chameleon but he wouldn't be as such without an incredible make-up team behind him! Still a fantastic actor though. If you're reading this Gary Oldman, we love you! 

Okay, got off track there for a second. Here are some amazing cinema transformations that blew our minds: 

makeup prosthetics movies cinema | chris hemsworth as thor in the marvel movie avengers endgame being fitted into a fat suit in order to make him look much less in shape than he is
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