Inspirational Before-and-After Photos of Premature Babies

Sometimes we don't realize it but the smallest and newest into this world, are battling so much more than anything we could imagine. Premature babies go through so much in just the first couple of hours to days to years they are alive. So many different battles and a constant fight to stay alive. The best thing for family to do is just hope. It's hard to do though. T hope that they will be alright, that they will have a healthy and long live ahead of them.

Quebec-based photographer Red Methot was on a mission though. He wanted to show the world just how miraculously premature babies often overcome their challenges, and have gone on or are going on to live amazing lives full of happiness and love. He does this trough  powerful and inspirational 'Les Premas' photo series, which documents before-and-after portraits of premature babies.

Methot had people of all ages pose with photos of themselves as premature babies, showing the world in one shot, just how strong they are. Premature babies are often born with underdeveloped organs and other issues that require immediate transportation to ICU, alongside this sometimes these babies end up with permanent medical issues for a long time or the rest of their lives. But seeing this photos, you see how it doesn't stop them from living. Just by looking at these amazing photo is so inspirational.

photos of premature babies then and now
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