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Awkward Pregnancy Photos Which Are Too Cringeworthy For Words

Pregnancy photoshoots have become something of a right of passage nowadays for expecting moms. Whether it's a homemade setup or the work of a professional photographer, couples love to capture their pregnancy on camera. Most couples can pull off something somewhat classy, beautiful, and even heartwarming, capturing the moments before their lives changed forever. But some couples get it so wrong and create something so awful that their pictures make you question their parenting abilities. These women and couples show off their pregnancy photoshoots, which can only be described as tacky, cringeworthy, and embarrassing.

awkward pregnancy pictures that are too cringeworthy | thumbnail includes three awkward pregnance photos man pumping air into a pregnant woman's belly | man looking up at a belly with a baby painted on it | man sticking his head up the shirt of a pregnant woman
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