Wholesome, Funny And Disturbing Comments Found On Pornhub

We all know that porn is designed with a particular purpose in mind, and it does the job pretty well. But when it comes to porn, the only thing we care about on this platform is the humor that comes with it, and it turns out, if you read the comments on porn websites, there's some pretty funny stuff! Leaving aside the question of what sort of person comments on porn websites at all, nestled among the less tasteful comments, are some real gems. A collection of screenshots from Pornhub show the types of weird and random comments people leave. From critical analyses of camera angling to asking for recipes and explaining how unrealistic certain things are (duh, it's porn!), they are hilarious to read and bring somewhat of a human element to an otherwise pretty heartless industry.

funny comments on pornhub - thumbnail includes two images of egg in frying pan and woman and man on bus | here2observe hello made account on here just say hes made worst eggs ever seen. couldn't concentrate after saw abomination | She didn't even tell the bus driver thank you
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