Real Advice From The 1950s On Finding A Husband: Feed The Pigeons

Dating in 2020 isn't easy. Between the endless Tinder swipes and empty hookups, it's a wonder anyone finds love nowadays. But I refuse to believe that it's impossible and I firmly hold onto the idea that true romance is still achievable. But has love always been this hard to find? It would seem so... a magazine article titled '129 Ways to Get a Husband' was discovered in a 1958 edition of American magazine McCall's. These ⁠— quite frankly ⁠— sexist and offensive tips are hilarious to look through now and see how women were encouraged to find love back in the day. I've decided to go through one tip and a time and see whether or not it would actually work in 2020. Let's take a look at tip #9...

advice husband 1950 feed pigeons offensive dating apps tinder online relevant magazine advice | 1950s dating advice 129 WAYS GET HUSBAND #9 SIT ON PARK BENCH AND FEED PIGEONS Susan, it Just me or are these offensive?
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