Women Reveal Their 'Most Jaw-Dropping' Mansplaining Experiences On TikTok

Men who mansplain are amongst some of the worst people on the planet. There's nothing more boring than having a man patronizingly explain something to you that you not only already understand but that you probably know more about than him. Welcome to men's fragile sexist egos, which can't possibly comprehend that a delicate, stupid little woman could understand something better than him— especially about their own bodies. I know, I know, not all men do this. But the ones who do give men a bad rep.

Tyra Blizzard decided to jump on the trending mansplaining bandwagon and shared a story on TikTok of how her ex-boyfriend tried mansplaining her period to her, explaining that she only needed a couple of spare tampons in her purse. and not as many as she currently had. She explained that she was "flabbergasted", and exclaimed, "Sir, how would you know about my flow?!" She then asked women to stitch or duet her TikTok with their own stories and share their own "jaw-dropping mansplaining experiences." Of course, her post went viral, and the responses came flooding in, and they are quite shocking. Here are some of the best, showing how alive and well the mansplaining disease is.

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